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Legal Psychology at Åbo Akademi

LEPÅ is an expert network within the field of legal psychology.

Anastasiia Valiavko

PhD Student

Anastasiia Valiavko is a clinical psychologist and a PhD student at Åbo Akademi University. Her thesis is dedicated to the topic of sexual violence as a weapon of war in Ukraine, more specifically on how victims recognized and how treated.  Her research interests include public perceptions of victims  of sexual violence,  the influence of media reports on public opinions,  examining the perspectives of police and healthcare professionals to identify potential barriers to effective care for victims and also the relationship between victimization, psychopathology, and treatment by authorities. Anastasiia’s goal is to improve psychological assistance provided to victims of sexual violence during war. It is important to shed light on the experiences of victims  and the social response to their trauma. Her work aims to inform professionals working with victims and bystanders, and ultimately contribute to the development of more effective interventions and policies to address sexual violence in the context of war.