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Legal Psychology at Åbo Akademi

LEPÅ is an expert network within the field of legal psychology.

Isabella Arponen

PhD Student

Isabella Arponen is a PhD candidate at Åbo Akademi University and a licensed clinical psychologist. Her research focuses on rape victims’ police reporting, more specifically on investigating which factors might affect rape victims’ decision on whether to file police reports in Finland.

The present project is part of a research project titled “Backgrounds of Seri Support Center Customers, Use of Support Services and Progress of the Criminal Procedure”, in collaboration with Seri Support Center at Helsinki University Hospital, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, and initially also with the participation of the Helsinki Police Department.

Isabella Arponen ResearchGate https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Isabella-Arponen

Seri Support Center https://www.hus.fi/en/patient/hospitals-and-other-units/womens-hospital/seri-support-center-victims-sexual-assault