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Legal Psychology at Åbo Akademi

LEPÅ is an expert network within the field of legal psychology.

Henna Marjosola

PhD student

Henna Marjosola is a PhD candidate in Law at the University of Helsinki. Her thesis examines practices related to handling, reception and evaluation of witness testimonies during court proceedings from psychological perspectives. Henna’s supervisors are Tuomas Hupli, Julia Korkman and Teija Stanikić.

Henna graduated as LL.M. in 2015, after which she has worked as an associate lawyer in the employment practice at Castrén & Snellman Attorneys. She has also completed court training at the District Court of Northern Savo in 2016–2017.

Henna spent the autumn of 2019 as a visiting researcher scholar at the University of Lund.

Henna’s research interests include evidence evaluation, legal evidence theories (especially related to Inference to the Best Explanation), legal decision-making, advocacy law and research in witness and legal psychology.