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Legal Psychology at Åbo Akademi

LEPÅ is an expert network within the field of legal psychology.

Jan Antfolk

PhD, Professor (Åbo Akademi University)

Jan Antfolk is professor in applied psychology at the Department of Psychology at Åbo Akademi University. He is together with Dr Korkman heading the research group in legal psychology, LePå. His research interests in forensic psychology include the etiology of child sexual abuse, family dysfunction, eye-witness testimony, investigative interviewing, and expert testimony. His research also focuses on the evolutionary understanding of conflict of interest within the family. His list of publications includes both original research and meta-analyses. Jan is also the Scientific Director for the International Expert Programme in Investigative and Legal Psychology at The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice research Institute (UNICRI) in Turin, Italy.

Jan Antfolk on ResearchGate