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Legal Psychology at Åbo Akademi

LEPÅ is an expert network within the field of legal psychology.

Francesco Pompedda

PhD, lecturer in Forensic Psychology (University of Gloucestershire, UK)

Francesco Pompedda PhD is a Chartered Psychologist within the British Psychological Society, and a lecturer in Forensic Psychology at the University of Gloucestershire (UK).  During his PhD, supervised by Professor Pekka Santtila and Associate Professor Jan Antfolk he has developed a training system that utilised computerised children and response algorithms for training interviewers in alleged child sexual abuse cases. His current research is focused on the cognitive processes that can improve decision making, and the quality of investigative interviews in alleged child sexual abuse cases. He is also involved in projects aimed at utilising modern technologies (e.g., VR) in different legal contexts (courts, forensic investigations, interview of vulnerable adults, jury decision making).

Francesco Pompedda on ResearchGate