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Angelo Zappala


Angelo Zappalà Ph.D. is a psychologist, clinical criminologist and cognitive behavior therapist. He is a trainer of the State Police in Italy and Criminological Analysis Department of the Carabinieri.
Within his academic pursuits, he dedicates his efforts to a multifaceted spectrum of research domains, delving into the intricate realms of criminal psychology and investigative methodologies.  His primary areas of expertise encompass the nuanced field of offender profiling, where he examines the intricate psychological traits and behavioral patterns that distinguish criminals. Additionally, he immerses himself in the intricate intricacies of serial homicide investigations, striving to unravel the complex narratives behind these crime sprees.
Furthermore, his scholarly, and his professional activity, pursuits extend to the child sexual abuse investigation and, in a parallel vein, he is deeply engrossed in the intricate assessment of deviant sexual interests.
Beyond these focal points, he delves into the domain of mass shootings, seeking to comprehend the underlying factors, motivations, and patterns that drive individuals to commit these devastating acts of violence.

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